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How it all works. Rentals periods, extra fees (which we always try to avoid), and more.


If the dumpster is dropped off in the morning, that is considered the first day of the rental period.

If the dumpster is dropped off after 1:00pm, the following day is considered the first day of the rental period.

The dumpster is all yours for all the days of the agreed upon rental period. However, if you need the dumpster for some extra days in order to finish your project, that can be arranged but only if there is an opening for a dumpster rental during those extra days. If not, you can rent the dumpster as soon as it is available again. This is to ensure that the next customer using the dumpster after you will receive it on time, as we originally planned according to the first rental period.



Everything can go in the dumpster except for the restricted items listed further below. If you have a very small amount of a restricted item, contact us and we can discuss if it will work. Please just call and ask about stuff you’re not sure about, instead of assuming! We want to keep our dumpsters functioning properly and avoid any damage.


We enjoy recycling and upcycling items that we find in the dumpsters! So we truly appreciate it if you place items of higher value, like new or almost new items, even used but functional items, and place them on top. This helps keep the items in good shape for us to recycle or sell. Too often we find like-new things that are just stuck under heavy trash or damaged by heavy items.

Some items we’ll gladly take:

  • Wood

  • Functional furniture in good condition

  • Functional household items in good condition

  • Scrap Metal

Prohibited Items:

  • Dirt

  • Brick

  • Concrete

  • Gravel

  • Tires

  • Wet Paint 

  • Batteries

  • Oil

  • Fuel

  • Solvents

  • Pesticides

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